Rotomolding Technology Festival 2021 National Tour (Jinan Station)ended perfectl


On July 3, the 2021 National Tour of Rotomolding Technology Festival (Jinan Station) officially start. Sponsored by ZHEJIANG ROTOUN PLASTIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., Shanghai Jiechuang Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd,Wenling Rising Sun Rotomolding Technology Co., Ltd., and Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company!

Rising Sun company is committed to providing rotomolding equipment, molds and related rotomolding solutions.

Adhering to the concept of "Brave Sharing, Common Progress", participating in various rotational molding conferences, such as the  Global Rotational Molding Annual Conference, the American Rotational Molding Conference, the Australian Rotational Molding Conference, the South African Rotational Molding Conference, and the China Rotational Molding Annual Conference And this time is the tour of Rotomolding Technology Festival. Not only share our rotomolding experience, but also improve our rotomolding technology


As one of the organizers of this technology festival, Rising Sun warmly entertained the participants. They are mainly rotomolding experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and consultants in North China. Everyone is here to tell about their own rotomolding experience, share professional knowledge, provide industry information, and promote and develop technological innovation in the rotomolding industry!

At this meeting, Ms. Zhu , assistant to the general manager of Rising sun Rotomolding, shared the technology and development trend of rotomolding equipment.

High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and safety have always been important propositions for rotomolding equipment, and Rising Sun has been committed to improving these items by upgrading rotomolding equipment.


In the afternoon, Mr. Chen Sheng, the sales manager of Rising Sun Rotomolding, shared the new production process of rotomolding steel molds! I believe everyone will fined a big difference to the traditional steel mold!